China Zhongji Investment Joins Series A Round in We-health

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China Zhongji Investment Joins Series A Round in We-health

(Summary description)


On April 4, 2019, China Zhongji Investment Participated in the Series A round for We-health (Beijing We-health Technology Co., Ltd.). This is another investment in the big health area following Daying Technology, Zensun Technology, and Shijiazhuang Zhongji Rehabilitation Hospital.


Founded in November 2014, We-health is a professional company specializing in the development, production and sales of mobile Internet technology, and health management. The company has a leading team of software and hardware research and development in the field of smart medicine in China. It is an intelligent hardware and early warning and management service platform for cardiovascular monitoring.


At present, the main product of We-health is 12-lead intelligent electrocardiograph. This portable electrocardiograph, which can warn of myocardial infarction and accurately locate and prevent cardiovascular accidents, is the only integrated, portable electrocardiograph with medical accuracy at home and abroad. This electrocardiograph has the outstanding characteristic that one person can operate, 10 seconds out of results, the professional doctor approves, has the good market foreground.


Wang Chunxiao, managing director of China Zhongji Investment, pointed out that the main reasons for China Zhongji Investment are as follows:


The 12-lead smart electrocardiograph launched by We-health is a breakthrough.

There are 12 - lead and non - 12 - lead ECG machines on the market. Professional medical institutions only recognise 12-lead ECG machines. However, the twelve-lead equipment is generally complex to operate and does not have automatic diagnosis, is not suitable for use by non-professionals or in emergency situations, and it is difficult for primary health care institutions and ordinary families to afford its high prices.


We-health electrocardiograph equipment has overcome the difficulties of eing accurate but inconvenient, or convenient but inaccurate, and can automatically diagnose 197 kinds of results, and at the cost of the price acceptable to the public, is currently the only patent in the world and is being applied for internationally. The cost of the second generation machine will be further reduced, laying a good foundation for access to personal user market and providing more possibilities for the operation of personal user market.


After two years of development, Wuwei Kang has formed a feasible development strategy. It has established market access from the B end, established word of mouth and brand awareness penetration into the C end, and also developed market strategies from the B end and C end.

At present, good progress has been made in developing the B-end market. Second generation computers have successfully developed and obtained the relevant documents of medical equipment, greatly reducing the cost, selling prices compared with similar products in the market, and providing the necessary conditions for entering the C-end market and multiple possibilities of sales model. It is expected that profit will be realized by 2019, and that net profit will exceed 10 million yuan by 2020.


Market space is large enough.

From the point of view of the B-market, it is aimed at more than 930,000 primary medical and health institutions in China, with a market capacity of over 2.54 billion. From the C-side, for 260 million cardiovascular patients, the potential market capacity is 290 billion yuan, and at least 30 billion yuan is added annually, and the potential market is huge.


Yu Haipeng, founder and general manager of We-health, introduced that We-health has two patents of invention, and the technical barriers of core products are high. End B and end C have a huge market capacity and are currently in the stage of further development and outbreak of the market. The funds collected in this round will be mainly used for the production of first generation equipment, the opening and production of second generation equipment, the development and promotion of service software, the construction and optimization of service systems, etc.


The China Zhongji Investment, which was set up in August 2016, has always regarded Big Health as the focus of investment.


In May 2017, China Zhongji Investment has completed an Angel Investments for Daying Technology, an Internet-based medical imaging company, and another funding round in 2018. In May 2018, we invested in Zensun Technology (cutting-edge innovative drug research and development company). On September 28, 2018, Shijiazhuang Zhongji Rehabilitation Hospital, under China Zhongji Investment, began trial operation.


Wen Yuanhua, president of China Zhongji Investment Province, pointed out that with the approach of China's aging era, China's big healthy market has a very broad prospect. Currently, three major health equity investment projects are located in the fields of medical imaging, biomedicine and medical devices. The investment phases are angelic investment, medium-early investment and Pre IPO investment.


Investment in We-health marks the steady advance of the "operation and investment" system in the big health area of China Zhongji Investment. In the future, China Zhongji Investment will continue to increase investment in such sectors as biomedicine and medical services.


He stressed that China Zhongji Investment has a very professional talent team for hospital operation, rehabilitation treatment and medical investment. He hopes that "Shijiazhuang Zhongji Rehabilitation Hospital" will be used as the base area to continuously improve the two-wheel drive system of "medical operation + medical investment". He also hopes that more institutions with similar aspirations and broader social forces will be able to cultivate industries, invest precision and win-win cooperation.

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